alchemy & the new squam…

*photo by bella cirovic

so, i’ve been away awhile…but with good reason. i’ve been studying alchemy!

elusive, magical, the sum greater than the parts…

but what do you call it when you transform gold into something more…? because the truth is, we weren’t starting with base anything. elizabeth had already spun silver, and gold, and crystal, and beauty and light.

but somehow *together* took us beyond-the-beyond of what any one of us might have done alone. and what we created…? wow. just wow. a newly designed site (thanks to an amazing web development team), a new store, a new blog where you can actually comment! (so, a new way to allow our community to connect and share). a place to tell your own story, more pictures, videos…and the raves? peruse those and understand why i might have gushed on and on about squam. it really is that good.

oh and the retreats, my lawd the retreats…we have four this year (yes FOUR!) – two in new hampshire, one here in the outer banks again, and….be still my pasta-lovin’ soul ITALY! (each with a whole lotta amazing teachers, new faces and faves from sessions passed).

it feels so good to be a part of this creative collaboration…i am humbled as i sit with these three women and dream up all the lovely we want to bring to you and watch it manifest due to our own unique strengths and talents. fascinating to watch each stand in the power of their light and discerning opinions and knowledge and offer it to the collective good. powerful stuff…very powerful stuff.

so come on over…we are ready for you!

squam: creativity as a way of life


getting my soul known again…

my hands in flora‘s class …photo by christine chitnis

i never seem to be able to put into words what squam does for me…i have the best intentions, writing notes to myself about this and that moment, and i get home tongue-tied because there is just too much…

but these words – sung by our jonatha, and originally written by woody guthrie  – have been running around in my head for more than a week now, and express it in a way that feels the best:

“I fully aim, to get my soul known again
As the maniac, the saint, the sinner, the drinker, the thinker, the queer
I am the WORKS, the whole WORKS
And it’s not ’till you have called me all of these things
That I feel satisfied, I feel satisfied.”


because it is there at S.A.W. that i understand that i have the soul of a painter, a poet, a mystic, a tree nymph, a siren, a seeker, a healer, a lover, a listener, a muse, a guide, a teacher and a student…and it is there that i can fully embrace the paradoxes. there is nowhere else on earth that i’ve yet found that satisfies all of these things like that lake, and those days, and all the amazing co-creators of that experience. we each show up, with our baggage both literally and figuratively and we look around at everyone else’s bag and say “you know, i have one that looks just like that, and here we are together at last. and i get you. i see you. where have you been all my life?”

S.A.W. breaks me down gently, with just enough (literal and figurative) discomfort to put me safely out of my comfort zone, to wake me up, to give me compassion for those that are cold or anxiety ridden or lonely or sitting in self-criticism, and then it fills me up in such a way that i walk through those woods tear-filled, love-filled, and compassion-filled with my arms and heart wide open and ready to serve…

and i know elizabeth’s vision calls to me…and i know my soul answers.


we are one with you haiti…

~thank you for use of the photo, mandy crandell~


living in the outer banks, in the bull’s eye of potentially devastating hurricane paths, other natural disasters somehow take on a unique and personal perspective. so easily this could be our local community in need… and it is just not possible for me to turn away from haiti. personally, i am still reeling with the loss of little duncan and the fierce and palpable awareness of the fragility and sacredness of all life, my grief and heartache is extended and reaches for them…

this poor, island community has lost loved ones, families, friends, pets, homes, businesses, and their livelihood…it is staggering and we must help. they need to know they are not alone…

friends, some options:

haiti earthquake relief, ways you can help – a link with a list of options for donating funds

you can also simply text Haiti” to 90999 and the Red Cross will donate $10, which will be deducted from your cell phone bill. more than $2 million dollars were donated on wednesday.

if you’d prefer to donate more $, you may do it directly from the red cross international response fund website here: american red cross

habitat for humanity is working on affordable shelter solutions

hope for haiti – doctors and medical supplies

doctors without borders

relief efforts from unicef

additionally, financial donations from our karma yoga classes (sundays at 4pm) this month will go to haitian aid. please, join us in support of our neighbors.

thank you…take care of each other.