where ya been?

over the past six months or so, i’ve been writing a weekly column over at the squam blog. but, as i’m not the most verbose of writers, that means i left things a little neglected over here. so today i collected all the links to my writings…mostly for me to have a compiled record of them. but if you didn’t know where i was, and you are curious…here you go!


squam by the sea & obx love



the tax man

the work of art

hey, they’re just like us

i have a confession to make

it’s spring

my love affair with instagram

sublime moments

dude, the brain

creative rhythmic dancing beings

a few of our favorite things

what in the world was going on

one by one

the art of living

a little yoga to warm your day

a juicy video

advocate for yourself


  1. Glad your back! I just saw your post on instagram….YES…..I do hang in your hood!!! Maybe one day we can meet up and have lunch or walk on your dune!!

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