happy, happy in the new year

the zone.

i. am. in it.

realizing that my life’s work and loves have lead me to this moment, and i am so full of happiness and so thankful for those that have conspired to help me learn so many lessons about how to live. really and truly.

i’ve spent the past few weeks really focussed on squam stuff, but i was able to have an amazing new years weekend with bryan roaming around the island and puttering around the house. it was perfect.

my ever present instagram habit got some play and my photo above was featured on the instagram blog as part of their weekend hashtag project #cornered. the image was taken down in kinnakeet…a cute, little, old, truly authentic, beach-country neighborhood {that’s a lot of adjectives!} on the island to the south of us. it was the first time i had ever played along with the hashtag project and super fun to get a mention. especially since there were nearly 900 photos in the pool!

all that fresh air had us asleep long before midnight new years eve and we awoke to enjoy a gorgeous new years day where we filmed this little video for the squam site on juicing! i have to say, it was way more fun than i thought…i felt comfortable in front of the camera and then i got to do the editing — a skill and art i have always wanted to learn.

when we were all done shooting video, we shot oysters – well really we steamed them, though i prefer them raw.

and they were so good. one of the benefits of living here in the winter…

over at squam central we have giveaways going on all over the place. so if you’d like one of these gorgeous squam teacups – head on over and visit some of our friends’ blogs here:
Susannah Conway – for “m is for magic” (oh and her unravelling the year ahead workbook is really, really lovely and helpful! download it and do it…)
SouleMama – for “q is for quiet”
Maya Donenfeld – for “a is for art”
(and another coming on Friday 6 January!)

also today at the squam blog we launched our super fun Double Dog Dare…so that is something to check out if you need a little nudge or support in the intention/resolution department. i have been DDD’d to move my body every day for at least an hour. yes. an hour. every. day. oy. what time is it? i do have to say i really thrive on these bite-sized self-improvement projects…and the social accountability of it all keeps me honest.

and today is my mom’s birthday…happy birthday! talk about feeling gratitude for your life…

you know when you feel like you are in flow…like the pieces are all falling into place? that’s where i am right now. i am trying to capture this feeling, write it down, express it, photograph it — anything to help me remember it when things get dark and shadowy again. because they do. if there is any lesson i’ve learned it is this…but for now, it is nothing but love & light, baby!


  1. I just found your blog through the Squam website….and I just love it….I’m really enjoying reading through it. I live in Virginia Beach….maybe we can get together sometime!

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