the short and the sweet…

i know, i know…there should be news and photos and all that other good stuff up here about serendipity, right?

but, woah. the aftermath, the re-entry… kind of a tsunami of emotions and things to-do here. the things to-do taking precedence over the processing as serendipity came on the heels of six weeks away from home, and participating in and facilitating four other workshops…

so let me just stay this for now, to all of you who showed up, brought it, laughed, cried, man-handled, cooked, schlepped, searched, sat quietly, painted, cheered, snorted, photographed, cidered, twinkled, shared, AVclubbed, hamburger-toasted, boogied, saved-my-ass, baked, smudged, intended, lead, house-mama’d, crock-potted, hot-tubbed, nightswum, star-gazed, bonfired, journeyed, whip-creamed, stumbled, took control, shrieked, gave, surrendered, s’mored, and essentially made it all it was…

thank you.

{more soon….}

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  1. looking at this photo makes me happy and sad at the same time. being so far from you all is hard. but grateful for the memories. and hopeful for many more in the future… xo

  2. amen sister!!!

    you and your sister helpers held the space so beautifully.

    It was an honour to be in it with you and the rest of our serendipity sisters..

    soak it all in.

    Karen aka deldino!

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