“i think it’s high time we stop using the term “yogic” to judge ourselves and others, like some sort of barometer telling us how we’re “supposed” to act. instead, let’s start using the word to encourage ourselves and others to embrace who we really are: light and dark; good days and days when we go off the deep end; iced chai teas and vodka martinis. let’s be real.” ~ chrissy carter (thanks MB)




I am so excited to share that Mindy Lacefield is joining us at Serendipity this October!

Mindy and I first met last year when she participated in the goodness that was Squam by the Sea. She is such a sweet soul. A doggie-mama too, with the most charming southern accent and exquisite talent. Recently as I was visiting my beloved Elizabeth, I was holding a painting of Mindy’s in my hands and marveling at the colors and the life that she breathed into her work…and I just knew I had to find a way to bring her back to the sea.

And here she is! With TWO offerings on Thursday and Friday… Can’t wait to meet you all here…

photo by jonny meyer


i love that elizabeth lives in a town called Providence.

the word itself means the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power. woah. that’s a lot to live up to…

her new city was founded and named by roger williams, after he was banished from massachusetts bay colony for his religious beliefs. his beliefs? religious freedom and the separation of church and state. providence plantation, as he came to call it, became a refuge for those seeking asylum from religious persecution and the freedom to celebrate their higher power the way that felt best to them.

powerful stuff, no?

the first time i heard the word Providence was in an indigo girls song – prince of darkness. while i felt the powerful anthem aspect of the song and it moved me deeply as i was making my way through a challenging period in my twenties, re-reading the lyrics now i understand so much more the intention of the song. what i hear now is a woman discovering her own inner wisdom, her intuition. her dark night of the soul giving way to a clear understanding that she really does have all the support she needs – family, friends, spiritual beleifs. that she can trust. that she needs to listen to her gut and make those tough decisions – those huge, important, scary changes in her life…that she needs to move toward the light.

at the end of the song, the voice of that recognition and understanding makes a declaration of strength:

“my place is of the sun, and this place is of the dark
(my grace, my sight grows stronger, grows stronger)
i do not feel the romance, i do not catch the spark
(and i will not be a pawn to the prince of darkness any longer)”

all of that to say…Providence is intended to be safe haven for those seeking the light and I am so thankful that the spirit of my dear friend will be fed, nurtured and protected in that city. there is so much goodness to come…

~ lightseekers ~