so proud…

my friend christine has been working on a fun book project for the past year. while she simultaneously incubated a baby (little vijay was born in october), she was traveling around new england finding cute little markets to photograph and write about.

amazing… i can barely get off my island at times and here she was with her gorgeous swelling belly on a long road trip. her book is called Markets of New England.

she gave us this sneak peek recently and it is gorgeous. (and yes that’s my beloved squam in the third photo). she is a self-taught photographer and a terrific writer and i just can’t wait to hold her book in my hands. if you have any connection to new england or just want to be inspired by gorgeous writing and photos you can pre-order it on amazon…

now if i can only get her to do one about north carolina so i can tag along as her navigator!

gosh i’m like a proud momma…

p.s. civi – she has CHICKENS!


this island has so many words running around in my head that i can’t think straight

so many questions…of the existential kind

and many beginning with “why?”

and lines of poetry, and the beginnings of chapters in novels

but mostly

…so many questions.

this island has reduced me to a bawling heap of fearful tears…

and induced complete loss of self awareness through laughter with little sea urchins who have absolutely nothing.


nothing but their single dirty and ripped t-shirt with no pants or vice versa

and their wide smiles.

and their hope that i’ll have some treasure for them in my heavier-than-comfortable bag of stuff i think i need.

a pen.

or the barrette in my hair.

an unfair trade for what they gave me.

nomi & inie

seen and felt in ubud…

devotion around every corner

a mixture of city smells and frangipani

motorbike sounds fading to the swooshing cut of a scythe in the fields

flowers tucked behind the ears of statues

the fine art of bartering

elephant* images everywhere i turn

the calls “massage!?” from the women and “transport?!” from the men

curiosity tinging every interaction, both ways

nasi goreng for breakfast


goosebumps & happy tears with a friends love-news from home

magically meeting up with flora!

“where are you from?” ~ “oh! amerika!”

being unwell and being healed

white herons soaring over rice fields


rice terraces mingled with modern architecture

ancient seaside temples to hindu deities

colorful fishing boats

hipsters with toy cameras

pro surfing groms

wild doggies

flowers in your hair

bright-eyed babes &

sweet-faced cows

offerings of rice and flower petals

a dozen different languages

insane motorbike rides

being rescued by a tattoo artist & learning my balinese horoscope