a pristine lake

pine trees

twinkle lights

old friends

new friends

fresh air

paint in many colors



cowboy boots



spontaneous dance parties

fire in the fireplace

ice block candles

and did i mention the laughing?

lots and lots of laughing…

i was talking to an imaginary friend last night as i was packing, trying to explain why i was bringing what i was putting in my suitcase (do you do this?)…and i realized, i’m just braver at squam because i feel i can be totally and completely free and experimental. the voice that says “you look ridiculous/too young/dress (act?) your age” is silenced. in some way, i feel like i’m going to play dress up with my friends so i bring all my favorite things… and last night i was really wishing for some fairy wings and a tu-tu to go with my cowboy boots.


  1. gaaaahhhh! So excited for you. Give that gorgeous place my love. I know it will be so wonderful and peaceful and fun and restful and joyous and FABULOUS.

    And I am counting the days until I will be with YOU in NC doing all that Squam-y good stuff near the ocean…looking out at the atlantic. I’m assuming that bringing wine is a good choice? :)

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