head to toe…

this holiday meant lots of time spent focusing on the important things…

and for us that meant lots of snuggling with little duncan and delicious candlelit dinners. we somehow simplified everything this year and the long, relaxing days we spent together were full in the most satisfying way…with visiting, laughing, mixing hot toddies, skyping with relatives in colorado, playing wii resort games with the grandparents and just hanging out. and that was exactly how i hoped they would be.

i am so excited for 2010 and the things that are in store for all of us, i’ve signed up for susannah conway’s ‘unraveling’ e-course and i am on pins & needles waiting for that to start. so i’m spending this week purging and organizing, planning and wishing, hoping and dreaming…being thankful for time with duncan, embracing and reflecting on the challenges of 2009 and making big (BIG) plans for this next trip around the sun (GREAT things in store…i can not WAIT to share with you!! soon soon!). i’m feeling some incredible goodness coming on…

thank you so much for your support this year…for sharing, for writing, for doing yoga at the studio, for your encouragement and beautiful stories about beloved pets as we travel this journey with duncan. i hope the new year is filled with sparkles for you too and i can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Oh I just came over from squam, which I had never heard of and found via Maya Made. I look forward to checking in with your blog. My in-laws live in NC a few hours from OBX, and have a rental house on Hatteras. I will be looking into your squam by the sea since I can get there easier than up north. I’m in Maryland. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about unraveling. I thought about doing it, but opted to wait a bit since I am new to blogging.

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