head to toe…

this holiday meant lots of time spent focusing on the important things…

and for us that meant lots of snuggling with little duncan and delicious candlelit dinners. we somehow simplified everything this year and the long, relaxing days we spent together were full in the most satisfying way…with visiting, laughing, mixing hot toddies, skyping with relatives in colorado, playing wii resort games with the grandparents and just hanging out. and that was exactly how i hoped they would be.

i am so excited for 2010 and the things that are in store for all of us, i’ve signed up for susannah conway’s ‘unraveling’ e-course and i am on pins & needles waiting for that to start. so i’m spending this week purging and organizing, planning and wishing, hoping and dreaming…being thankful for time with duncan, embracing and reflecting on the challenges of 2009 and making big (BIG) plans for this next trip around the sun (GREAT things in store…i can not WAIT to share with you!! soon soon!). i’m feeling some incredible goodness coming on…

thank you so much for your support this year…for sharing, for writing, for doing yoga at the studio, for your encouragement and beautiful stories about beloved pets as we travel this journey with duncan. i hope the new year is filled with sparkles for you too and i can’t wait to hear all about it!

the view…

this is what i see from my desk today…

~ magical lists, wish lists, music lists, art supplies list all covered with doodled hearts and flowers

~ hot pink post-it notes covered with scribbled bits of ideas, fleeting connections, and insights i would like to write about

~ sketch pad

~ a reminder to myself, written in red sharpie on white paper: *what would the highest, most wonderful version of myself do right now?*

~ out the window in front of me there is an unusual and fascinating view of the dunes lit by the sun from the south, yet covered in fog drifting in from the north

~ the word *Abundance* drawn with finger on the window to my left, best seen at sunset

~ my favorite coffee mug

~ little duncan at my feet (snoring pleasantly)

~ beyond him, boxes overflowing with pretty paper and ephemera

~ an unfinished piece and all my art supplies just behind me, whispering for me to come play

~ my art altar with a collection of shells from around the world, fragments of bone, feathers, sea glass, dried leaves and flowers and above that my inspiration board filled with photos and mementos

~ and, i can hear simone’s bell as she suns herself on the deck just outside (once again she knows something i don’t).

what i’m not telling you about is the chaos of unopened mail, the pile of spreadsheets and plans for holiday marketing at NG (one of my day jobs), the reality of the boxes spilling over with ephemera (taking over a huge corner of the room), that the rug is speckled with little bits of said paper and needs to be vacuumed, both trash cans need to be emptied, and my empty bowl of pasta needs to go upstairs to the kitchen. i’ve only done 10 minutes of yoga today and my shoulders are up around my ears with the stress of deadlines.

but in that short sacred pause it took me to look around and notice those tokens, those odes to nature and love, the scribbled wishes of my heart and spirit, and the love of the creatures, and then taking the time to describe these things that feed my soul to you, i feel better.

i am better.

what do you see?