it’s monday (a list)…

1. i’m so happy to be visiting with an aussie and two lovely ladies from korea (with  more to come!) at the burn magazine beach house workshop i’m running this week…

2. i so loved primary series at ashtanga yesterday morning…sundays are so, so special..and it sets the tone for my whole week

3. tomorrow we take little duncan doggie for his first cancer treatment…keep him in your thoughts, please

4. i didn’t do any creating this weekend, but i did spend some good quality time with and enjoyed brownies and guacamole with the divine miss tricia on saturday…

5. it is unseasonably cold here, but that means i get to enjoy wearing colorful hand-knit leg warmers, my favorite raspberry colored knit hat, and super-soft long sweaters (a few of my favorite things!) early this year…


6. swirly has anointed me as a book fairy! (see the cute little button over there on the right!) so keep your eyes out OBX lovelies…


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