suddenly I see why the hell it means so much to me…

you may recall i got all excited about going to the squam art workshops retreat last september – it was such a big step with all the assoicated drama that comes with commitment, facing fears, acknowledging hidden parts of myself, y’know…all that hard stuff that’s good for you. i ended up not going for a variety of reasons, all of them surmountable individually, and most in concert, but the fear monster got the best of me and i stayed home in my cozy little rut.

well as luck {angels, spirit-guides} would have it, elizabeth ~ the founder of squam ~ showed up at my studio this week. as it turns out we were twins seperated by years and birth-mothers, long lost sisters of the earth, tribemates…i knew this of course from our first email exchange…but sometimes you need a whack on the side of the head in order to get your vision working again. silly robot.

we spent friday afternoon together – being girly, catching up, shopping, daydreaming and masterminding {read: outwitting my fear monster} my trip to squam this year. elizabeth is AMAZING {sing this loudly!}…beautiful clear-blue-green eyes, passionate, together, kooky, validating, loving and inspiring.

and suddenly i see!

the power of art is clearly no different than the power of yoga – it’s all about divine energy and creation. mary jo, one of the gifted, amazing, powerful, sensational teachers at my studio sent this quote to me:

“Your skill as a yoga teacher is not in teaching your students sophisticated technical asanas. It is in your application of yoga as a breakthrough practice for overcoming personal inhibitions, fears, and insecurities. It is in fearlessly comunicating to each one of your students their greatest possibility, to see themselves as divinity. It is by being in the passion and fire of yoga.” ~amrit desai

replace “yoga” with “art” or “creativity”…and you’ll understand elizabeth. i’m thankful, and honored, and thrilled to have her in my life…please – check out the squam site, and come join me in september!