tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…

please don’t feel neglected…

i do miss you. and i do love you. and i’m coming back, i promise.

it seems my whole freelance world is crashing in on me and i’m on multiple deadlines and feeling the pressure….breathe, breathe, breathe girl!

while i complain about it, i honestly am WAY more productive when i’m under pressure. i so wish i were the type of girl that would turn in my assignments early and la la la go on my way having fun. but alas no. i’m the kind of girl that likes to push right up to the edge (and on occasion beyond). a quality i don’t particularly care for in myself. hmmmm, add that to my ever growing, every changing, ever reprioritized to-do list: change personal habit of procrastination!

and you? do you like the pressure of a deadline? do you finish projects early? do you reward yourself with hot fudge sundaes?

well then…back to it. oh, but wait…here’s a little something pretty to enjoy while you wait! (Thanks MB!)