i made this word up the other day. (i think…maybe it’s already out there in the world?)

barb‘s query “wherever did you go” to my i *might* be back post has been bouncing around in my brain…and i think living in this seasonal, touristy place had me offline and off in the world for the summer, and well, it appears the fall also. i was teaching & managing the studio, doing lots of private yoga classes, doing way too much driving up and down the bypass, working at a wonderful new restaurant at night, and working on a few writing projects. to be perfectly honest, the only thing i miss about the past few months is the warm sun.

it was a long summer and fall of soul searching too, with a little running away and avoiding thrown in for good measure. but now it’s cold and the soul searching has gotten deeper and i find i’m hibernating and spending much more time on-line seeking out kindred spirits – hence cybernating – and creating a little art space/office/cave while trying to find the bravery to do art. i have felt a block in my body for a long time about art… a deep ache reminding me of something i lost a long time ago. i’m trying to find my way back. to not judge and just do. to put brush to canvas or glue to image or fabric and make something. it’s been fun. and really hard – more than one ‘creative sunday’ has been tear-filled. but i’ve birthed one small piece. with another in the works…so we’ll see.

i guess that’s where i’ve been…what about you? do you have a similar seasonal, energetic or creative cycle?


p.s. i also found myself out in the redwoods in northern california, north of humboldt. months later i still dream about them….

tree within the redwood trees


  1. I really like your blog. In a way it kind of inspires me. Just wanted to say something :)


  2. Some of my best friends are trees…Live Oaks are my protectors, as they gently hug my little cottage, reaching, almost touching either other as if they’re trying to hold hands….as they protect me from Nor’easters….


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