sacred activism…

“sacred activism is the fusion of the mystic’s passion for God with the activist’s passion for justice, creating a third fire, which is the burning sacred heart that longs to help, preserve and nurture every living thing.”

~ andrew harvey

happy earth day ya’ll!


blissfully tired…

what a week…and still a few days to go. all week has been yoga yoga yoga and now the omega conference with the most inspiring speakers and the most delightful people all communing here in new york city…i’m still processing it all but have so much to share once i do get my head around it.

i’ve had the opportunity to listen to mia farrow speak about darfur, and caroline myss spoke about st. teresa of avila. rev. michael beckwith spoke about spiritual evolution, andrew harvey read rumi poems passionately, valerie plame wilson shared her strength in speaking your truth… and that’s not all…and would you believe i still have another day?

my head is spinning…

downstairs from deanna’s pad a party is in full motion…latino music and laughter pulsing through the floor. and  just one street over there is an exquisite courtyard filled with daffodils and the most artistically shaped trees in full springtime bloom, the delicate pink and white petals being lifted on the warm evening breeze and drifting through the soft muted yellow of the street lamp to layer the path like snow.

i am so thankful to be bearing witness to all of this, this evening. but it’s time for me to go to sleep…and so good night to all of you, and good night, moon…

i really heart new york…

here i am in the big apple!

i’ve journeyed into the chilly north (ok. to all you northerners. i get it. it’s really cold. you weren’t kidding) and i’m enjoying a mini yoga-tribe & city culture retreat. my bff from college, the divine beauty ms. deanna on the left below (and yup, that’s me on the right) lives in the east village and her cozy little pad is my home base for the week! We took the pic with my mac photobooth right before hitting the town on saturday evening for a delicious dinner of wine and ravioli at a basque restaurant nearby. i am in heaven.

little sis/big sis

i’ll be touching in as often as i can to talk to you about what i’ve learned here, i’ve already experienced two heavenly yoga classes that i’m still digesting on so many levels. physically, they were VERY demanding, emotionally cleansing, and intellectually…wow… i’m so inspired already. in addition to the omega yoga conference, i’m signed up to take a class with yogasweri, a gifted instructor at jivamukti that i’ve been reading about. she was featured briefly in the crazy, sexy, cancer documentary about chris karr and her amazing journey of celebrating love and health… (check that out too).

ta for now…off for coffee and exploring!

much love and many om shantis!


for the first time in my life, and so also the first time living here at the beach, i came upstairs this morning and looked out the front windows to see a rainbow stretching across the sky from the sound waters to the top of jockey’s ridge.

and just then, right at that moment, the soundtrack of my life started playing this song…

Things are lookin’ up kids!

(Song by the late hawai’ian musician IZ – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)