the zen of sea glass

the posture is familiar. a slow shuffling gait, meandering this way and that, tracing some imaginary curving line, head bowing forward, hands in pockets.

along certain lengths of the beach you’ll find several folks in this meditative space, occasionally folding forward to pick up one of those tiny bits of tumbled human detritus. the fascinating thing is how elusive these bits of glass can be, and yet some people seem to have a gift…is it luck? experience? it’s something about getting your eyes on. two people can be looking at the same spot and the sea glass will ‘pop out’ to one clear as day.

there is a hierarchical value to the finds…white appearing to be the most common, then rolling rock green, and budweiser brown…deep blue like an arizona ice tea bottle is fairly unique but the rarest and most coveted is the old timey vintage coke bottle blue-green. this is my favorite. someone told me recently they had found some red beach glass. but i don’t believe it exists.

it seems most everyone here collects these bits, displaying them in various ways. most locals don’t pick up shells nearly as much. we do pick up some of the bigger oyster shells to use along the walks around the house. it’s cool because over time we’ve gotten a collection and it’s fun to realize that you’ve carried these back a few at a time from walks on the shore.

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