across the universe

i’m obsessed.

clearly this was julie taymor’s intention. but i’m way beyond my crush years and i have a fall down drooling, burst out into tears at the sound of his voice, crush on a movie star.

it’s embarrassing actually, shouldn’t i be beyond this at my age? shouldn’t i be obsessing over diaper bags, or manolos, or china patterns? not some charming british boy toy.

if you’d like to see him in all his glory you must go see this movie. every single person in this film is magnetic and i guarantee you may walk out with a crush of your own. the musical arrangements are fantastic, the visuals will blow your mind, the story is timely and well told…and well. as i said. i’m obsessed. i think my brain is going to explode.

the american dream…

took duncan for a long walk along our eroded coastline today. its getting harder for him, with such little legs, to walk up and over the deep tire tracks in the sand. it’s become more like a stair climber than a walk for him. but he likes it…he gets that spring in his step that means he’s energized and happy.

did i say tire tracks? yes…outer bankers hold dear the right to drive on the beach, regardless of the fact that the coastal erosion problem is going to ultimately cost us our tourism industry. last year the town defeated a beach renourishment project vote (we ain’t gointa pay to put sand in front of no rich northerners rental house). and the beach keeps slipping away – as much as 6 feet a year in some places. it’s part of the natural workings of this giant sand bar we call home. and driving on the beach only exacerbates the erosion problem…but i haven’t heard a soul suggest we change that.

on our way back to the access where we had left the car, i’m singing to myself and have my head down looking for sea glass, when i’m startled by the continuous honking of a huge black suburban, driving, i don’t know, probably 15 mph towards me. maternal instincts kick in and i pick up duncan. as it gets closer i start to hear the driver yelling “jack, jack!” out the window and a huge yellow lab comes out of nowhere and runs right up to duncan and i. the suburban races past me, does a big u-turn, sand flying, and starts heading back the other way, honking the whole time. the yellow lab takes off running – i’ve never seen a dog run so fast – after this suburban. up the beach a ways, the suburban stops and out steps a very large woman, obviously in need of some exercise herself. she bends down and picks up this tiny little dog, jack i presume, and loads both dogs into the back of the suv.

and that’s when it hits me – this drive, with the sand flying and the horn honking, was one womans way of taking her dogs for a walk on the beach. living the american dream, eh?

second summer

we are at last in the middle of our brief second summer here. most of the local outer banks residents don’t truly get to enjoy summertime. we are all way to busy supporting the tourism industry, many of us working two jobs, patiently awaiting our turn to turn onto the bypass, holding our tempers as we drive behind folks from pennsylvania who insist on driving at least 10 mph below the speedlimit, kindly thanking everyone for coming, for shopping, for spending, for enjoying, for tipping, for buckling up, for making our beaches crowded, for leaving their broken beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach for us to clean up, for stealing things from our rental homes, for criticising the way we do things, for wasting our local seafood at the all you can eat buffet’s…ultimately if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to live here. and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy second summer.

it’s a secret wonderful time of year. mid-september through october. cooler evenings, warm water, early summer-like crystal clear days with carolina blue skies. sunburns and relaxing beach days with your friends. time for us all to take a big deep breath, and finally let go just a bit (before the stress of making it through the winter becomes too real).

for this…we thank you.